amorph story

amorph story

  • 2022.09.27
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amorph story

”amorph” is a brand that produces mainly small leather goods.    (since 2016)


SNS account of “amorph”




「about amorph 」

amorph is one of the hottest venture stationery leather craft makers in Japan today. amorph was founded in 2016
and now has directly managed stores in Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area and Kamakura, and has begun to transmit
its products abroad.
amorph’s symbolic wood and magnetic closure (design rights acquired) is the brand’s signature. The brand continues to collaborate with artisans in various parts of Japan and to propose works with a message to society
through its unique designs.
In order, amorph’s most popular pieces are: rolled pen case, smartphone case, mask case, trifold wallet, and pen
case with one word note. Now, amorph is also promoting sales activities using mobile vans.


「amorph concept 」

The human race has evolved with the hand.
How many hours do you spend looking at a display today?
The information society is a “brain oriented” world.
Realistic experiences and sensations are rapidly disappearing from our daily lives.
In the distant past, our ancestors became “people of knowledge” by using their hands and tools.
How long will we continue to be can we remain “homo sapiens, the people of knowledge.
We need a mechanism to tap into our potential, our primordial power.

This is the starting point of our brand.

We see the potential in Japanese craftsmen.
Until now, craftsmen have been the “behind the scenes players” of existing brands.
In contrast, those with superior skills are more humble and taciturn.
Our role is to translate those unspoken words.
And our mission is to pass those words on to children.

amorph is an experimental brand.

From now on A new movement will begin with “a morph” as its starting point.

Please look forward to it.

「Beatiful Life 」
Think cool p assion on your self.
Do above all.
Value is nontime.
Stand by times.

I will never forget that view I saw only after I kept my hands moving. Will my hands be able to keep moving again?
The thoughts, wisdom, and skills gained through “handwriting” and “moving hands” will surely become the “pride”
and “confidence” that make you who you are, and will become a weapon that will open up the path of your life.
On the other hand, we can feel that we are living in the history, tradition, culture, technology, and knowledge that
our predecessors have built up through things and people. What kind of shine does the “pride” and “confidence”
we have built up in ourselves have when we compare ourselves with these things?